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About Us

Our Pilates studio was established by Catherine over 13 years ago and occupies pride of place at the practice with magnificent mountain views, state of the art equipment and the country's top qualified instructors. The Pilates instructors at the studio are either qualified physios or experienced Pilates teachers with an interest in rehabilitation.

The studio offers Pilates for all ages and conditions, including pre and post-pregnancy, post-operative and injury rehabilitation or simply as a form of exercise for the Pilates enthusiast.

What we offer

Individual Pilates sessions, small group classes and reformer sessions are available. The goals of the client are determined during the initial assessment and a Pilates plan is agreed upon. This plan can consist of continued individual sessions or the introduction to a choice of classes. The team of Pilates instructors meets regularly to discuss the clients’ progress through the individual sessions as well as in classes.

Individual sessions

Individual sessions familiarise the client with the style of teaching and provide an environment to work closely through any specific queries/needs. A comprehensive postural assessment is done and physical capabilities are taken into consideration. Thereafter, the client is taught the basic principles of Pilates and taken through some fundamental exercises. The studio recommends a minimum of three individual Pilates sessions before joining a class. These sessions can be booked at a convenient time for you and the instructor.

A refresher session, which includes an assessment, is offered to those who have attended Pilates elsewhere and would like to join the classes. This is also on offer to ‘refresh’ the client’s memory after a long layoff.


To prepare for classes, three individual sessions are encouraged during which the client is assessed and made familiar with the Pilates principles. The schedule of classes can be seen below and allows for a beginner to progress through to a more advanced level and to come more than once a week. The schedule also allows for a client to incorporate Pilates into their day before, during or after work.

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Semi-private sessions

Semi-private Pilates sessions can be arranged with the studio at a special rate. These sessions are for two people and can be used to prepare for joining classes or as a regular exercise session. Please call our studio to discuss rates.

Contact us

For more information or to book a class, contact us between 08:30 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.