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Catherine Chambers Physiotherapy was established in 1998 and was incorporated into the Healthjunction centre in 2006. With over 20 years experience as a practising physiotherapist, Catherine heads up a dynamic team of physiotherapists, all of whom share the intense passion and dedication to their patients as she does.

What we offer

Conditions treated include those of the back and neck and peripheral joints, muscular strains, ligament sprains, chest complaints and sinusitis, post-trauma, post-surgery, postural/biomechanical problems, stress related issues and poor ergonomics. Treatment includes ‘hands-on’ techniques, dry needling, strapping, massage and advice regarding appropriate exercise and may, where necessary, include referral to one of the other rehab specialties on offer such as Pilates or massage therapy and/or other specialists. Home and workstation ergonomics are always assessed and, if necessary, adapted to enhance treatment outcome.

The Physio Team

In addition to top-level expertise, teamwork and interpersonal skills are key criteria in the selection of our physio team. The team meets weekly to discuss client conditions, treatment and progress, as well as to manage the emotional/psychological aspects of the client relationship. Continued professional development is strongly encouraged, ensuring that the practice remains at the cutting edge of new developments. All members of the team are Pilates-trained.

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