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What the clients say

“Running from Cape Town to Durban is no easy feat. I got this crazy idea in 2010 to raise awareness about the issue of absent fathers. From the very beginning I knew I might be chewing off more than I could handle so I reached out for help from health professionals at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa.
Everything went well until about two months before the start of the run when I picked up a calf muscle injury that just didn’t want to heal completely. I was really worried about it so I sought advice from extreme adventurer, Braam Malherbe, who then made an appointment for me to see his physiotherapist, Cathy Chambers, at the HEALTHJUNCTION in Vredehoek, Cape Town.
Everything seemed to go wrong at this stage so I was a bit skeptical that my injury could be healed so close to the run. I was however completely blown away by the friendly, but very professional service from Cathy and her team. She left no stone unturned in making sure that I was fit and ready for the long road ahead. She even referred me to see a specialist to have a closer look at the problem. Long story short, I finished my run in 41 days, one day less than the scheduled 42 days.
What’s even more remarkable is, when I indicated my intention to run the same route again in 2016, she immediately pledged her support. Little did I know the key role she and her team would play towards the success of this second run which had a very shaky start as I got injured in the early stages of the run. To be honest, I was ready to give up, but Cathy persisted and organized physiotherapy support in every town where and when I needed it. She also did regular telephonic follow-ups with me and the physio’s en route, making sure that a detailed account of my injuries and treatment was being forwarded from one physio to the next. At some stage I regained momentum and continued to finish my quest from Cape Town to Durban in 43 days and end the campaign off with running Comrades the day after in a time of 10 hours 37 seconds.
Whether I run to promote positive and involved fatherhood or running against rhino poaching, the team at CATHERINE CHAMBERS PHYSIOTHERAPY AND PILATES is a strong driving force behind the cause. To top it all off, they do all of this with no intention for recognition. I struggle to find the right words to thank them.”
Marius Brown

“As an active person and having been involved in many different sports at a competitive level, I had various injuries of different degree and complexity.
Cathy and her physios never failed to get me back on track, whether it was post- shoulder surgery or a little “twitch” in a calf muscle. They are always very professional in their approach to injuries, with a personal touch to put your mind at ease. Catherine Chambers Physio is the kind of place you look forward to going to, it is a happy, friendly Practice where professionals are at work. I can highly recommend Catherine Chambers Physiotherapy!”
Ebbe Spaarwater

”Thanks so much for all you’ve done in helping me to regain and maintain a much improved lifestyle and quality of life. The strength and fitness program has definitely helped reduce the frequency of injuries whilst the weekly massage has made a real difference in reducing the aches and pains associated with my neck injury, stress etc.”
Kevin Reid

“I’ve been to dozens of Physiotherapists, Body Stress Release Practitioners, Chiropractors and Osteopaths over the last 15 years and it always felt like I was seeing a mechanic. With Gen and Cathy I’m working with a sculptor. Thanks to you ladies, I have my body back!”
Brendan Murray

“In 2008, after just moving to Cape Town from America, I swung a golf club and ended up immobile and face down on the 10th fairway of the Belleville Golf Club. There was tremendous pain shooting down my right leg. The disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae was herniated. Some very kind golfers got me on their cart and from there, slid me into my doctor uncle’s SUV. Off I went to Panorama Hospital for surgery.
My wife and I have a small cottage just down the hill from Catherine Chambers Physiotherapy. Because of the convenience and the wonderful reputation, I hobbled into their beautiful new building. I was greeted warmly and professionally by the smiling staff member behind the counter. It’s now 2019 and Kiana put me at ease and made me feel welcome immediately. The first impression again made me want to stay. I knew that I was in the right place. I’m now 68 and a very active retired Physical Education teacher, (who of course knows everything about his body) currently hiking the Appalachian Trail in America. My goal to finish the 2,200 miles was beginning to look impossible to me, as my body and spirit were failing me.
My schedule landed me in Genevieve’s care to try and sort out the new pain in my same leg and a nagging Plantar Fasciitis problem. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous but determined to be a good client. I sat down in Gen’s office and the healing began. She has been amazing. Kind, caring, intelligent and professional. I am so grateful. It’s 5 weeks later and I’m temporarily in a Pilates class at 7am and have been receiving regular treatment, first for the pain in my leg, and now for my aching foot.
Everything has changed. I am a different person. I was broken 5 weeks ago. Today, through Gen’s caring and extremely capable guidance and treatment, my positive attitude is back, the pain in both my problem areas is nearly gone, and I’m confident, that if I continue doing what Gen has taught me, I will be at 100% soon. I walk and ride my bike for moderate distances pain free now. It’s just a matter of staying on track!
I think that even more important than my physical improvement, is that I feel alive again. I love my life again. I wake up ready to enjoy my day again, and I’ve even learned a little. Ha.
I now have a completely different mental and physical approach to my personal health. I thought I could fix myself. I was stuck. Catherine Chambers and Genevieve have taught me new ways to maintain my fitness, stay active, and achieve my goals. I put myself in their capable hands again, 11 years later, and got even better results.
Thank you so very much, Catherine, for maintaining your high standards and thank you, Genevieve, for your excellent care.”
Doug Shobert

“When I savagely rolled my ankle and asked a physio friend to recommend a physiotherapist, she said Cathy is the best, and the best diagnostician. I was in a miserable state and felt instantly relieved and looked after when I got to see her. Being treated by Cathy feels very personal. Her gentle, comforting presence is special, and her tremendous experience instilled great confidence. Cathy’s compassion and support was very important in keeping my spirit up while my ankle healed.”
Katya Saggott

“I brought my 9 year old daughter to Cathy Chambers Physiotherapy with a sore neck. We subsequently found out after a thorough assessment that she had a scoliosis which needed to be monitored. The kids pilates classes at the practice offer the strengthening that she needs. My daughter’s posture has improved and we are relieved and happy that the regular exercises are straightening her ‘skew’ spine.”
Jennifer Shepherd

”I was initially referred to Cathy for physio early in my pregnancy and felt such a connection with her and her team that I continued going to Healthjunction throughout my pregnancy (and after Chloe was born), for Pilates, physio and medical massage. I have suffered from back pain for over 15 years from an old injury and not only did I feel that I was finally on the mending path (after years of seeing so many other practitioners), but Cathy’s deep understanding of both the emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy, as well as the baby’s development, made me feel really safe, supported and informed. I rejoined my Pilates classes as soon as was possible, with baby in tow. I will never forget a session where Cathy was working on soothing my aches and pains, while rocking the baby seat at the same time, and reading correctly baby’s every need… taking care of mummy and baby. ”
Samantha Kayruz

”I have noticed a huge improvement in my daughters posture, and concurrent growth in her confidence levels since attending teens pilates classes at Healthjunction.”
Desrae Saacks

”I have done Pilates at the Healthjunction over the past 1.5 years and I have seen an improvement in my flexibility and abdominal strength. The controlled breathing routine also goes a long way in bringing down my stress levels. I love that every Pilates session is different from the one before and I am pretty passionate about the team at Healthjunction. ”
Nicola Nel

”As a geriatric I appreciate the trouble taken to determine the exact cause of my various aches and pains so that it can be treated correctly. Inevitably I leave determined to keep on walking.”
Esme Mittner

”Cathy’s treatment is exemplary. She has excellent diagnostic skills and always shows personalized compassionate care. She is sensitive and intuitive and most professional. What a combination!”
Corinne Abel

”I leave each Pilates session very aware of my body and its capabilities as well as how I should stand or sit, how I should move, etc. This helps me between my twice-weekly sessions as I sit at the computer, bend over the bath to wash children, etc. What I learn at Pilates, therefore, has a direct effect on the rest of my life.”
Sharman Wickham

”Thank you to the physio team for helping me to get mobile again after a nasty cycling accident in January 2010. They gave me the guided physio that I need and also picked up that I needed to see a Neuro Surgeon. Thankfully I’m recovering fast and life is returning to normal.”
Ian Glass

”Healthjunction is a vibrant, energetic facility. The staff are great and always attend to your needs and look after you until full recovery. I enjoy coming here weekly.”
Craig Getz

”Professional, friendly and competent staff. I received fantastic advice and treatment for my condition in a fantastic environment.”
Jeff Cohen

”I am so happy to have found this physio practice to help me with my shoulder pain. There is a high quality of treatment and the people are friendly.”
Rolf Bueschges

”I have noticed a definite improvement in my core muscle strength since I have started Pilates. It’s a difference I notice every day.”
Bianca Todd

”I love the idea of physio as a way of physical maintenance rather than just after an injury.”
Barbara Bohle