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Catherine Chambers Physiotherapy & Pilates

at Healthjunction

Passion - Collaboration - Results

Healthjunction was established by physiotherapist Catherine Chambers in 2006 as a physical treatment centre. It currently offers physiotherapy, Pilates and massage.

Years of diverse clinical experience had led Cathy to believe that an integrated approach was key to the successful treatment, rehabilitation and long term well being of a client. This belief in the benefits of team work was further strengthened by her experience on the medical team for the All Africa Games, which inspired her to seek out a network of passionate highly trained staff to bring on board at Catherine Chambers Physiotherapy and Pilates.

All physiotherapists have a strong patient-centered focus; work first to understand the client’s process and then educate them as to their problem and recovery, thus providing the client with a supported solution, alleviating anxiety and aiding their healing.

This “case management” role also encompasses working closely with other medical professionals eg. General Practitioners, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Psychologists, Podiatrists and Biokineticists, in order to have an integrated and consistent approach to each client.


"It is a pleasure working with Cathy and her team for their professional assessments and rehabilitation of our mutual patients. I have no hesitation in recommending you and your team for patients who have shoulder and elbow problems."

Steve Roche Orthopaedic Surgeon

"I’ve been to dozens of Physiotherapists, Body Stress Release Practitioners, Chiropractors and Osteopaths over the last 15 years and it always felt like I was seeing a mechanic. With Gen and Cathy I’m working with a sculptor. Thanks to you ladies, I have my body back!"

Brendan Murray

''As an active person and having been involved in many different sports at a competitive level, I had various injuries of different degree and complexity.
Cathy and her physios never failed to get me back on track, whether it was post- shoulder surgery or a little "twitch" in a calf muscle. They are always very professional in their approach to injuries, with a personal touch to put your mind at ease. Catherine Chambers Physio is the kind of place you look forward to going to, it is a happy, friendly Practice where professionals are at work. I can highly recommend Catherine Chambers Physiotherapy!''

Ebbe Spaarwater

"When I savagely rolled my ankle and asked a physio friend to recommend a physiotherapist, she said Cathy is the best, and the best diagnostician. I was in a miserable state and felt instantly relieved and looked after when I got to see her. Being treated by Cathy feels very personal. Her gentle, comforting presence is special, and her tremendous experience instilled great confidence."

Katya Saggott

"I leave each Pilates session very aware of my body and its capabilities as well as how I should stand or sit, how I should move, etc. This helps me between my twice-weekly sessions as I sit at the computer, bend over the bath to wash children, etc. What I learn at Pilates, therefore, has a direct effect on the rest of my life."

Sharman Wickham

"I am so happy to have found this physio practice to help me with my shoulder pain. There is a high quality of treatment and the people are friendly."

Rolf Bueschges

"Cathy and her practice offers a fantastic avenue for referral of any postural and biochemical imbalances or weaknesses."

J.H. Adam Podiatrist

"I have noticed a huge improvement in my daughters posture, and concurrent growth in her confidence levels since attending teens Pilates classes at Healthjunction."

Desrae Saacks

"Cathy's treatment is exemplary. She has excellent diagnostic skills and always shows personalized compassionate care. She is sensitive and intuitive and most professional. What a combination!"

Corinne Abel

"Thanks so much for all you've done in helping me to regain and maintain a much improved lifestyle and quality of life. The strength and fitness program has definitely helped reduce the frequency of injuries whilst the weekly massage has made a real difference in reducing the aches and pains associated with my neck injury, stress etc."

Kevin Reid